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The problems of traditional Bus Wi-Fi solution,

  • Wi-Fi signal is weak on the bus
  • 3G/4G uplink bandwidth is too narrow for many bus passengers
  • Offline advertisement system, low efficiency
  • Terminal can not remotely manage, high OPEX
  • Lack of idea with mobile internet business
  • No end-to-end solution, no revenue and hard to make profit
  • Poor services and lack of attractive contents


By using iBus system and platform with new business model,

  1. Messages push like tourism information, stores information, promotion information and etc made possible.  The system is able to provide GPS location, information collection, user classification and precision push.
  2. Digital signage ads, mobile phone ads
  3. Local micro website – pushing application and services through wi-fi local website.
  4. App promotion with local download, app classification, precision push and revenue sharing


iBus Solution Architecture




iBus System Architecture



E3G Platform – Bus Wifi Operation




E3G Platform – Real Time Management