Excel Comms

EcMedia – is a cloud system with smart media service solution of integrating network, business, management and service, realizing smart play control, real-time play monitoring, smart operation and maintenance management, large-scale distributed deployment, advertising editing, advertising auditing, advertising play and authority separation.

EcMedia solution is suitable for

  1. Advertising firm
  2. Media company
  3. Cooperate with multiple branches
  4. University
  5. Hospital
  6. Bank
  7. Insurance company
  8. Others


EcMedia system is a cloud based digital signage platform gives you the necessary tools for rapid development of advertisement services.

  • Cloud based platform, multi-user design
  • Media player remote management
  • Advertisement content management
  • Rich media content format supporting, such as video, audio, picture, text, web page, etc.
  • Strict content authority management
  • WYSIWYG (what you seen is what you gain)
  • Compatible with most kind of screens




EcMedia is GUI user friendly, affordable and rich with features.



One of the EcMedia case studies:

New Oriental Education and Technology Group is the largest education group in China, there are more than 3 million students trained in their schools every year.  They use the system to release the latest courses and product advertisements to the students nationwide with more than 1000 branches.